Retreat for sale

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The Retreat

The main Retreat building has 7 guest rooms, each with their own ensuite (shower and toilet). The three "Double rooms" have a queen bed and a double bed. The four "Single rooms" have a double bed. 

There is also an independent fully furnished self-contained 1 bedroom cabin.

Guests have access to the following shared facilities:

  • Reception
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Lounge/function room
  • Consultation/massage rooms
  • 11 meters inground pool

If this is the lifetstyle and business that you would consider for yourself or if you would like to invest and have a management team in place to operate the business, this is without question a unique opportunity.

The property is ideal for a: 

  • Health Retreat
  • Religious or Spiritual Retreat
  • Retreat for the youth, elderlies, disabled, carers, veterans, etc.
  • Rest home

  • or it may be setup as a Dual or multiple occupancy and be used as a residence for an extended family of a small community 


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Please note that Council approval might be required

for your specific project