Retreat for sale

Our Story

Long time ago this land belonged to the Bundjalung people.

The fertile red soil and the regular rainfall promoted a dense lush subtropical forest. Settlers cleared the forest and the area became dairy land. On our property we still have the original timber farmhouse which we restored a few years ago to a beautiful cottage with polished timber floors and verandas.

In the 1970's the dairy farm was subdivided and our property was purchased by a gentleman who also was involved in the "House with no steps" in Alstonville (training and rehabilitation centre for people with a disability).

In the 80's a dietician bought the property and built the retreat and the owners's residence. For many years he ran a Health Retreat with the focus on weight loss, stop smoking, de-stress, etc. He was a very astute gardener and set up all the fruit and nut trees which you can currently see on the property. 

In 2001 my wife and I bought the property. We did extensive renovation work to all the buildings, roads and water supply. We added insulation, solar hot water, etc.

Initially we continued running it as a heatlh retreat but in 2004 we had to return to Europe for a few years and during that time the Retreat was run by a Birthing Centre.

We returned to Australia at the end of 2013 and since then we have been running again a Health Retreat. Click on  for more info about our current operations.

We plan to return to Europe in the next few years, therefore we regrettably have to sell this wonderful piece of paradise. We hope the next owner will enjoy it as much as we did.